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D I S R U P T I N G    T H E    F I N A N C I A L    I N D U S T R Y 

CalChoice Financial, Inc. is revolutionizing the Financial Industry by being the first revenue sharing firm of its kind!
YES, you heard right, REVENUE SHARING! CalChoice Financial, Inc. wants to show how you can be part of an amazing system with benefits of revenue sharing, owning stock, access to exclusive products and MUCH MORE!
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Why CalChoice?
Why Top Agents See Tremendous
Value in CalChoice Financial, Inc.

At CalChoice Financial, Inc. our team of professional agents build a business and become their own CEO. They are driven, attend weekly webinars, strategize, collaborate and build a culture that most agents wished they were a part of. We put value over money to make sure our clients are placed in the best position possible. 

Agent Owned Firm
Company Stock Grants
Revenue Sharing
Exclusive Products & Product Design
Our Advantages
Soon To Be The Industry's 
First Agent Owned Firm

Right now we are giving our agents the opportunity to capitalize early on CalChoice Financial, Inc. shares by becoming a Founding Partner. This will be for a limited time and only available to the first 10 agents. Agents who submit $100,000 in compensation and have 100 team memebers will gain the title "Founding Partner" and be issued shares before we go public. This is an incredible and easy way to increase the size of your financial portfolio over night!
Have Ownership In CalChoice Financial, Inc.
Share In The Success
Build Wealth
Annual Company Stock Grants

Have ownership in the company you work with. Share in the success with us and grow your portfolio through CalChoice Financial, Inc. stock grants. CalChoice Financial, Inc. agents can earn stock grants based on their personal production.
Bonus %
Required Earnings
<$50k per year (capped)
Exclusive Products
Private Reserve Account

Land Banking

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